Bob and Peggy UtleyThe Great Commission (cf. Matt. 28:18-20; Luke 24:46-47; Acts 1:8) mandates both evangelism and discipleship. Bob has been involved in both of these for more than 35 years. He has participated in at least 45 international evangelistic crusades where thousands of people trusted Christ. Although these crusades were wonderful evangelistic experiences, a lack of follow-up materials for discipleship was evident to him. God's will is for disciples, not decisions only! He saw the absence of Bible studies resources in other countries that were affordable and of good quality. This was a burden on his heart and he was willing to help remedy this problem.

While teaching hermeneutics in an OMS seminary in Haiti, God spoke to Bob's heart about providing his Bible studies free to the world. He structured his commentaries to provide an in-depth resource for churches, pastors and lay people. The Bible studies emphasize the original author's intent, by means of: (1) context, (2) history, (3) word studies, (4) grammar, (5) genre and (6) parallel passages.Several years ago Bob's commentaries were included in the Logos Bible Study Software. Soon after, Logos contacted Bob on behalf of Dr. Bill Bright (Founder of Campus Crusade for Christ) to include his NT commentaries on a CD-Rom of training material for CCC ministers. They planned to translate them into 50 languages and give them away free of charge. However, Bill Bright went home to heaven before the project was finished. Because of his experience in Haiti and the anticipation of the project with CCC, Bob felt this was Divine direction for him to pursue this new Great Commission task!

Bible Lessons International now produces exegetical commentaries and other Bible study aids in 47 languages and puts them online free for the world. You can:

1. read them online

2. download them to your hard drive

3. print them out

Bob is married to the former Peggy Rutta and they have three children and six grandchildren. He has earned degrees from East Texas Baptist College, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and has done post-graduate work at Baylor University, Wycliffe Bible Translators' Summer Institute of Linguistics, and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He has pastored several churches in Texas. Bob taught for 16 years in the Religion Department at East Texas Baptist University. Currently he conducts Bible Conferences and Revivals in the U.S. and abroad.




Family Status: Married to the former Peggy Rutta, a registered nurse (graduate of Memorial Baptist School of Nursing, Houston, Texas). Peggy is presently office manager for Bible Lessons International. Bob and Peggy are the parents of three children: (1) Michelle, born 1971, married to John Thompson, both graduates of Ouachita Baptist University (granddaughters, Taylor Ann, born October, 1997 and Tiffany Lynn, born October, 2002); (2) Jason, born 1973, graduate of East Texas Baptist University, married to the former Shannen Lloyd (granddaughter Avery Grace, born September, 2004 and grandson Noah Daniel, born December, 2006); (3) Jeremy, born, 1977, graduate of Panola Junior College School of Nursing (Registered Nurse); married to the former Daniell Byrd (grandson, Tucker, born August, 2002 and Drake Scott Utley, born July 2, 2008).



1959 Accepted Jesus Christ as Savior at First Baptist Church, Bellaire, TX

1968 Surrendered to Vocational Ministry at First Baptist Church, Bellaire, TX

1969 Licensed to the Gospel Ministry at First Baptist Church, Bellaire, TX

1971 Ordained to the Gospel Ministry at First Baptist Church, Bellaire, TX



1970-1972 Pastor, Nesbitt Baptist Church, Marshall, TX

1973-1976 Associate Pastor, Sagamore Hill Baptist Church, Ft. Worth, TX

1976-1985 Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church, Lubbock, TX

1987 Interim Pastor, Oakwood Baptist Church, Lubbock, TX

1991 Interim Pastor, First Baptist Church, Tyler, TX

1992 Interim Pastor, First Baptist Church, Van, TX

1993-1995 Interim Pastor, First Baptist Church, Henderson, TX

1995 Interim Pastor, First Baptist Church, Pittsburg, TX

1995-1996 Interim Pastor, First Baptist Church, Lufkin, TX

1996 Interim Pastor, Hillcrest Baptist Church, Jasper, TX

1997-1998 Interim Pastor, North Monroe Baptist Church, Monroe, LA

1998-1999 Interim Pastor, First Baptist Church, Monroe, LA

2000 Interim Pastor, First Baptist Church, Marshall, TX

2000-2001 Interim Pastor, North Monroe Baptist Church, Monroe, LA

2001-2002 Interim Pastor, Cypress Baptist Church, Benton, LA

2002 Interim Pastor, Parkview Baptist Church, Monroe, LA

2005-2007 Interim Pastor, First Baptist Church, West Monroe, LA

2008-2010 Interim Pastor, Lakeside Baptist Church, Dallas, TX

2010-2011 Interim Pastor, First Baptist Church Monroe, LA

2011-2012 Interim Pastor, First Baptist Church, Marshall, TX



1969-1972 Bachelor of Arts (Major: Religion; Minor: Sociology) East Texas Baptist College, Marshall, TX

1971 Elected to Alpha Chi, National Honor Society

1972-1975 Master of Divinity (with languages) Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, TX

1976 Post-graduate study in theology at Baylor University, Waco, TX (12 hours)

1988-1995 Attended annual meetings of the Society of Biblical Literature, Southwest Region

1987-1988 Doctor of Ministry (Major project in Historical-Grammatical Hermeneutics) Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL

1991 Post-graduate study in Koine Greek and Hermeneutics at Wycliffe Bible Translators Summer Institute of Linguistics, Dallas, TX (6 hours)

1992-1995 Attended annual meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society

1994-1997 Post-graduate study at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL



1976-present Teacher for Bible Lesson International (formerly International Sunday School Lessons, Inc.) [three weekly SBC Sunday School lesson series on video and audio cassette.]

1980-1985 Teacher for Seminary Extension of Southern Baptist Convention of Lubbock Baptist Association

1980-1984 Teacher for Wayland Baptist University, Plainview, TX, Lubbock Extension

1986-1988 Teacher of weekly "Life and Work" series on the ACTS network of SBC's Radio/TV Commission

1986-present Teacher for United Christian Ashrams (Adult Retreat Ministry begun by E. Stanley Jones)

1987-2003 Professor of Religion, East Texas Baptist University, Marshall, TX (Bible Interpretation, Old Testament, and Evangelism)

1989-2003 Teacher of "Verse by Verse," a weekly International Short Wave Program on TransWorld Radio, Guam

1989,1990, 1992, 1993, 1994 Teacher of the Year, elected by the senior class of ETBU, Marshall, TX

1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 Favorite Teacher, elected by the student body of ETBU, Marshall, TX

1992 Elected to Who's Who Among American Teachers

1995 Visiting Professor for Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in extension in Rostov and Volgodonsk, Russia 2000 Adjunct Professor for Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary's Extension in Marshall, TX

2002, 2003 Favorite Professor, elected by the student body of ETBU, Marshall, TX

2003-2007 Taught at Baptist Seminary, Yerevan, Armenia

2003-2007 Taught at Emmaus Bible Seminary, Cap-Haitien, Haiti (OMS approved professor)

2003-2007 Taught at Novi Sad Theological College, Novi Sad, Serbia

2009-2010 Conference on Evangelism and Discipleship (Nicaragua & Costa Rica)

2011 Visiting professor for two small seminaries in the Amazon of Brazil.



1976-2008 Teacher Preparation for all three SBC Sunday School Lesson Series

1985 You Can Understand the Bible: Seminar of Biblical Interpretation (audio and notebook)

2000 Old Testament Survey I (Genesis-Malachi)

1997 Paul's First Letters: Galatians and I & II Thessalonians

1997 The First Christian Primer: Matthew

1998 The Gospel According to Paul: Romans

1998 Paul's Prison Letters: Colossians, Ephesians, Philemon and Later, Philippians

1999 Hope in Hard Times-The Final Curtain: Revelation

1999 The Beloved Disciple's Memoirs and Letters: John and I, II, and III John

1999 The Superiority of the New Covenant: Hebrews

2000 Jesus' Half-Brothers Speak: James and Jude

2000 North American Mission Board, SBC:

a. On-Mission Self-Study Workbook

b. On-Mission Youth Bible Studies

c. Challengers Planbook


2000 New Testament Survey (Matthew - Revelation)

2001 How It All Began - Genesis 1-11

2001 The Gospel According to Peter: Mark and I & II Peter

2002 Paul's Letters to a Troubled Church - I & II Corinthians

2002 All Commentaries included as "pre-publication" on

2005 - Old Testament Apocalypses: Daniel and Zechariah

- The Post-Exilic Period: Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther

- The NASB (Update) Study Bible New Testament Supplement (NT Survey, all NT Commentaries and Bible Interpretation Seminar on one CD-ROM)


2006 - Moses' Summary of God's Laws: Deuteronomy

- The Conquest and Settlement of the Promised Land: Joshua


2007 - Wisdom Literature: The Mysterious Books of Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs

- The Post-Exilic Prophets: Obadiah, Joel, Haggai and Malachi


2008 - International CD-ROM Computer Bible Commentary, 2008 Version

2008 - Ezekiel commentary; Joshua commentary

2009 - You Can Understand the Bible: An Introduction to and Application of the Contextual/Textual Method of Biblical Interpretation

(Revised and expanded video, Lakeside Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas)

- The Patriarchal Period, Genesis 12-50


2010 - Isaiah: The Clearest Old Testament Witness to YHWH's Eternal, Universal, Redemptive Plan -- Isaiah 1-39

- Verse-by-Verse Computer Bible Study Library


2011 - Isaiah: The Clearest Old Testament Witness to YHWH's Eternal, Universal, Redemptive Plan -- Isaiah 40-66

- 2012 version of the Verse-By-Verse Computer Bible Study Library (CD-ROM and DVD-ROM)


2012 - Jeremiah commentary, Psalms Books 1 & 2 commentary

2013 - Psalms Books 3-5

2014 - Job, Exodus

2015 - Leviticus commentary

2016 - Judges, Ruth, 1 and 2 Chronicles commentaries

2017 - 1 and 2 Samuel commentary



1969-present Church revivals, campus revivals, and Bible conferences, USA

1976-present International evangelistic campaigns in Norway, Argentina, Chile, India, Mexico (10), Brazil (7), Kazakhstan, Nicaragua (2), Honduras, Guatemala, Serbia, Slovakia and Tajikistan

1983 Certified Teacher/Trainer for Evangelism Explosion III International, Coral Ridge, FL

1980-1989,1997-present Board of Directors for International Crusades, Dallas, TX



1978 Vice President of Lubbock, TX, Minister's Association

1980, 1982 Palo Duro Christian Ashram, North Texas

1983-1985 President of Lubbock, TX, Minister's Association

1985 Associate Member of Oakwood United Methodist Church, Lubbock, TX

1985 Associate Member of First United Presbyterian Church, Lubbock, TX

1985 Round Table Participant and speaker on "Eternal Judgment" at Christ the King Catholic Church, Lubbock, TX

1987 Seminar, "You Can Understand the Bible" at Trinity Church, Lubbock, TX

1988 Graduated from Interdenominational Seminary in Chicago, IL (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Evangelical Free Church)

1988 Bible Teacher, Central United Methodist Church, Dalhart, TX

1995 Bible Teacher, Ashram for Texas Tech Wesley Foundation (in New Mexico)

1997-1999 Bible Teacher, First United Methodist Church, Hallsville, TX

1998 Ashram Leadership Meeting, Flower Mound, TX

1999 Episcopal Evangelism Conference, Longview, TX

2000 Bible Teacher, North Louisiana Christian Ashram, Ruston, LA

2000 Bible Teacher, First United Methodist Church, DeRidder, LA

2000, 2002 Bible Teacher, Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Retreat in Tyler, TX

2000-present Noonday Interdenominational Camp, Hallsville, TX

2004 Texas Christian Ashram, Scottsville, TX

2004 Approved teacher OMS (first assignment Emmaus Seminary in Haiti)

2011 Bible Teacher, North Louisiana Ashram at First United Methodist Church, Monroe, LA

2013 Bible Teacher, Texas Christian Ashram, Scottsville, TX

2015, 2016 Guest Lecturer, John Wesley Methodist Seminary, Monterrey, Mexico (seminar on hermeneutics and the book of Revelation)



1972 Chairman of Christian Life Division, Soda Lake Baptist Assn., Marshall, TX

1977-1978 Chairman of College and Seminary Extension, Lubbock Baptist Assn., Lubbock, TX

1977 Program Chairman, Pastors and Staff Fellowship, Lubbock Baptist Assn., Lubbock, TX

1986-1988 Bible teacher on national ACTS network of Southern Baptist Convention, Fort Worth, TX

1986 Seminar leader at Glorieta Baptist Retreat Center, Missions Week, Southern Baptist Convention, Glorieta, NM

1986-1988, 1991,1992, 1995-1998 Seminar Leader at Baptist General Convention of Texas-Black Student Retreat, Dallas, TX

1989 Seminar Leader at Baptist General Convention-Baptist Student Union Leadership Training Conference, Waco, TX

1990 Seminar Leader at Southern Baptist Convention Assn. of Southern Baptist Campus Ministers, New Orleans, LA

1999 National Challengers Convention - North American Mission Board, SBC

1990 - 2004 Bible study leader, East Texas Baptist University Senior Adult Conference, Marshall, TX

2003-2006 FOCUS (BGCT Conference for College Students), breakout speaker, Ft. Worth, TX

2005 - 2008 BGCT, breakout speaker at Bi-Vocational and Small Church Conference, University of Mary-Hardin-Baylor, Belton, TX



1976-1985 Member of Speakers Bureau of Lubbock United Way

1977 Vice President of Lubbock Ministers Assn.

1977-1978 Board of Directors of Here's Life Lubbock

1978 President, Lubbock Ministers Assn.

1978-1982 Advisory Board of Plains Detox Center, Lubbock, TX

1979-1981 Charter Board Member and Secretary of Crossroads Pastoral Counseling and Consultation Center, Lubbock, TX

1979-1982 Board of Directors for Alcohol Abuse Services, Lubbock, TX

1980-1984 Board of Directors for Lubbock Right to Life

1980 Chairman of Memorial Division, American Cancer Society, Lubbock, TX

1982-1983 Board of Directors for Lubbock's MHMR Center

1983-1984 Community Planning Council of United Way of Lubbock, TX

1983-1985 President of Lubbock Ministers Assn.



1996 Alumni Achievement Award

2008 J. Wesley Smith Achievement Award



1985-1986 National Religious Broadcasters

1985-1987 Southern Baptist Convention Vocational Evangelists Assn.

1985-1987 Texas Baptist Convention Vocational Evangelists Assn.

1989-2003 National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion

1989-2003 Society of Biblical Literature

1992-present Evangelical Theological Society